What price are we talking about?


This is an important question which arises when one is restructuring her/his home or a commercial space. When I am asked this question I usually answer:

What do you want?

Yes, here is the core! It is like when you have to choose a new car. Please answer this following question:

What Type Are You?

  • you are a "second-hand Dacia" type: you just need to get to your destination;
  • you are an "Audi A3" type: you want to get to your destination, but also with style and comfort;
  • you are a "Tesla model S" type: not only you want to arrive at your destination with style and comfort, but you are among those few who also like to experience true innovation!  

If you are a "second-hand Dacia" type, you are happy with Sonoff-style or similar products. These are "do it yourself" products and you can get away with 300-500 euros

If you are an "Audi A3" type it means that you are renovating or building from scratch. The system will therefore be designed and then built according to the specifications. In this case the price is about 20% higher than the basic solution

If you are a "Tesla model S" type we are talking about high end installations. The system will be fully designed around every of your needs. The solutions will be totally customized. The price is approximately 5-8% the value of the property.

So what kind are you?

Just let me know!