Home Automation Easy

Soluzioni Domotiche - Home automation Easy
Soluzioni Domotiche - Home automation Easy

Home automation.. Although this word is widespread, the people who manage to understand a little more in detail what this technology consists of are few. Actually the working principle is simple so take 5 minutes to read the following lines and let's understand how the system really works! 

The difference between a home automation system and a traditional electrical system is essentially the type of connection that exists between the object that makes an action (actuation system) and the object that commands the action (control system). 

In a traditional electrical system, the actuation system corresponds to the electrical circuit and the control system corresponds to the switch that closes or opens that electrical circuit. 

There is therefore a rigid connection, a static physical connection between these two systems: the only way to turn that light on or off is through that switch. Any modification or further intervention is demanding both in terms of time and economically. 

Home automation, on the other hand, corresponds to a dynamic connection: the actuation system and the control system are disconnected from each other. What connects him is the association made through software. This means that the actuation system performs the action (turns on the light, the heating ..). But it can be controlled by commands of different types. 

This is the keystone that gives added value to home automation. 

The control system can be: 

  • a classic physical button in the home. Just like the traditional plant. 

  • a virtual button on the smartphone / tablet. This allows you to command / control your home regardless of your presence. Don't just consider lighting think that you can combine all the functions of your home in one place, from heating to multiple controls

  • an action that follows a predetermined logic that does not require the direct intervention of the person. For example turn on a light outside the entrance when the sun sets. Or activate the charging station of the electric car in the garage according to times and only if there is sufficient availability of electric power.

  • Or, last but not least, even with voice commands! I will shortly make a post on the possibility of voice commands, because it deserves further study. What I anticipate is that in the not too distant future it will be normal to command the house verbally.

Now that you understand how it works, you can also imagine the potential of this technology. Not only that, the investments of giants like Google or Amazon are increasing in this sector, so it is likely that in the near future there will be huge news.

So if by chance you are renovating your home and you are undecided whether to make a home with a home automation system or not, I'll leave you with this question: 

Are you really sure that you want to preclude these possibilities?