Let's go to command .. but with the voice!

Soluzioni Domotiche - Voice Command
Soluzioni Domotiche - Voice Command

The fact that we speak is something that comes much more natural to us than acting on a device. In all science fiction films we see how our favorite actor interacts with technology through voice commands. And we know that science fiction often actually manages to anticipate what is actually developed. To date, technology has made it possible for us to interact with commonly used objects with voice commands. Not only that, there is a strong push in all technological fields in this direction. 

Juniper Research predicts that by 2022 55% of U.S. households will have and will use a voice assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. Voice assistants are already here and have flooded the web and technology stores with a very competitive price. 

Is it necessary to buy a voice assistant? 

No, it is absolutely not mandatory to have a dedicated device. Now each of us has a smartphone. As many people already know, each smartphone has a voice assistant (be it Android or IOS). And I add that it is an object now so much entered into our daily life that it is difficult that it is not within reach. This means that with an object already in our possession that we often have near us, you can control your home with your voice. Obviously this does not preclude doing it through the usual commands, but it is a possibility IN ADDITION to traditional methods. It doesn't seem bad to me, does it? 

How much? 

So let's say that of course the voice command necessarily integrates with an already home automation home. The price for an average home automation house, as I said in this post, does not differ much from the price of a traditional system. The addition of the necessary devices (although probably already present) and the necessary supervision does not significantly increase the price. Furthermore, I believe that the integration between these two universes (Smart home and voice commands) will be gradually easier and therefore cheaper. 

Usually at this point a doubt arises: but .. do I need it? 

The answer here is subjective. But I would say from direct experience that what you can try and appreciate its simplicity and immediacy is used very often throughout the day. Let's not forget also that this is an extremely intuitive system! Not only will you be the one who is more open to technology, but even the least inclined people in your family will be able to benefit without difficulty! Stop talking. 


Summarizing therefore the voice commands are: 

  • intuitive: they can be used by various people with different propensities for technology;
  • economic: the components necessary to implement it in a home automation house are few and the cost does not vary substantially; 
  • in a strong development, the possibilities in this sector will increase more and more over time. 

So ... Let's go to command!