The fact that we speak is something that comes much more natural to us than acting on a device. In all science fiction films we see how our favorite actor interacts with technology through voice commands. And we know that science fiction often actually manages to anticipate what is actually developed. To date, technology has made it possible for...

Home automation.. Although this word is widespread, the people who manage to understand a little more in detail what this technology consists of are few. Actually the working principle is simple so take 5 minutes to read the following lines and let's understand how the system really works!

KNX Protocol


Knx is an open communication protocol developed in order to make the various smart devices of the house communicate with each other. Knx is not a brand and does not belong specifically to any particular manufacturer. To find a "smartphonic" comparison, KNX can be said to be like Android.

This is an important question which arises when one is restructuring her/his home or a commercial space. When I am asked this question I usually answer: